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Cyberattacks Aimed at Healthcare Rise Alarmingly at Close of 2020

For FPV & Galíndez, our healthcare industry clientele is among our firm’s most highly valued. We have continuously provided updates during this past 2020 pandemic-afflicted year regarding cyber security threats and needs for these essential organizations. As we start a new year, a recent report presented an analysis that showed cyberattacks have continued to target and affect healthcare organizations with a 45% increase since Nov 2020. What other important points were revealed in this data that the healthcare should consider as they evaluate their cybersecurity needs?

As we look at this marked increase in cyberattacks on healthcare businesses, other industries saw a more reduced 22% increase in the same time period. Additional figures indicate that of the 430 weekly cyberattacks that were discovered in October, there was a spike of 626 weekly attacks in November alone. Among the types of attacks reported were ransomware, botnets, remote code execution and DDoS. Ryuk and REvil — also known as Sodinokibi — ransomware were the most prominent strains in these attacks.

Despite most ransomware having a broad sector target, the report found Ryuk is customized toward targets in the healthcare industry. Because of the pressure COVID-19 has placed on healthcare organizations, these deceptive assailants are finding the most financial success in disrupting operations that have no room for downtime.

Having found ways to develop new channels of infection, it is of paramount importance that healthcare systems defenses be bolstered, and solutions to contain – and recover from – an attack be outlined. It must be made a priority in an organization’s structure to maintain the security of their patient files and information to avoid needless interruption of vital services that can be affected by a cyberattack. FPV & Galindez Information Technology team can provide you with risk and vulnerability assessment in addition to a plethora of options that will bolster your security and contribute to your business continuity throughout 2021. Contact us today for a consultation.



About the author: Wilfredo Vera Pujols, CISA, CDPSE

A skilled consultant in the areas of Internal Audits and Compliance, Vera holds a BBA in Information Services from the University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez and a Master’s in Computer Sciences from the illustrious Polytechnic University of Puerto Rico. He has used his excellent preparation in the last 3 years of his specialty in Auditing and Consulting, Internal Controls, and SOX for our diverse clientele. Among some of his major clients are Evertec, Triple S of Puerto Rico, and Banco Popular, to name a few. We are sure that this ISACA member, along with the expertise of FPV & Galíndez’s skilled Consulting Department will provide strategic solutions for any IT and Cybersecurity needs your organization may have.