Why is an IT Risk Assessment Important for Businesses in Puerto Rico

Technology is constantly changing and as 2020 has shown, businesses in and out of Puerto Rico must innovate or die. Still, scalability has to provide a high measure of safety, supported by an informed assessment. IT risk assessment is the process of identifying security risks and assessing the threat they pose. The ultimate purpose of IT risk assessment is to mitigate risks to prevent security incidents and compliance failures. However, no organization has the resources to identify and eliminate all cybersecurity risks, so your IT consultants develop security risk assessments to provide much-needed focus. The more clearly you can articulate your plan to reduce the most critical vulnerabilities across the network given your top threat sources, the better your business case, and the more likely you are to get funding for an effective security program. An IT risk assessment starts with risk intelligence and threat analysis. Here are three important things to consider: 

  • The IT assets in your organization and how much damage their loss or exposure would cause
  • The business processes that depend on those assets
  • The threat events that could impact those assets and how likely those events are


Using the information from this risk assessment process, you can determine which threats are the most important to mitigate and set reasonable timelines. As you outline your enterprise risk mitigation plan, consider how it fits into your existing security program and the various practices it already includes for reducing risks. At the highest level, the purpose of IT risk assessment is to unite your IT department and organizational decision-makers in strengthening cybersecurity. With a clear assessment of your IT vulnerabilities and the value of your data assets, you can refine your security policy and practices to better defend against cyberattacks and safeguard your critical assets.


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