FPVG Insights: Why You Should Care About Cybersecurity

Recent years have seen an unprecedented rise in data security incidents across the globe. Uber reports in 2016 that hackers accessed information from over 57 million of their riders and drivers. Equifax customers were affected by a security breach in 2017 that cost the company close to $2 billion dollars. Even in government, espionage has changed the battlefield to the cyber world. These attacks are not limited to major corporations, studies have shown that small to medium-sized businesses account for a large percentage of these breaches. 

Some reasons for this issue, reports have revealed, is that these companies have unprotected data and poor cybersecurity practices in place, which makes them an easier target to experience data loss. The extent of these attacks has been measured by one University of Maryland study, that showed hackers make attempts every 39 seconds to breach a system, which calculates to 2,244 attacks a day. Additional reports have also shown that 71% of breaches were financially motivated. These types of security breaches can cause businesses and their consumers to feel frustrated and terrified. This can lead to customers limiting their use of the services of the business or even discontinuing their relationship altogether. 

Concerns about the increase in cybersecurity are being felt among 68% of business leaders. It is clear that cybersecurity poses a real threat to a business’s current operation and of its future stability and growth. Thus, companies hoping to continue to thrive in this malicious cyber environment need to make cybersecurity awareness, prevention, and safety procedures an important part of their company core values. It is invaluable to commence with assessing your company’s current cybersecurity risk, identify the possible inefficiencies, and take the needed action to improve the overall security practices.   

When you invest in these steps, you are allowing greater transparency in your business behavior and thus allowing your customers to strengthen their trust in you and become promoters of your brand. FPV & Galindez IT Risk Consulting Division has the tools and the mindset to provide your business with the strategies it needs to protect your safety-sensitive information. When you do all you can to take cybersecurity seriously then you avoid being another victim of the crippling effects of these crimes and contribute to a change in the cyberculture of business today. Get better acquainted today with FPV & Galíndez’s cybersecurity options for you